Conversational English Classes

Conversation English classes are now occurring virtually and in-person!

In person classes will be held Monday mornings from 9:30 - 11:00am. The group will meet in the Aggie Family courtyard outside building #24. Classes will be held outside until a suitable indoor location is found. If you have questions, please contact Sara Hunt at or text 970-420-9983.

Virtual classes are held on zoom Thursday mornings from 9:30am - 11:00am. To join the virtual English classes, please contact Karen Smith by email at or call 970-282-9015.

FCIC offers free conversational English classes to the CSU and Fort Collins communities. Classes are offered weekly throughout the year and provide help with language skills, insight into American customs, and a place to share cultural experiences. Classes are open to anyone in the international community. Prior registration is not necessary.

Class Details

We ask that you do not bring your children. If you cannot find childcare, please bring quiet toys children can play with while classes are in session.
The key to the success and longevity of these classes is lots of laughter, fun singing American songs, and lively discussions about grammar, idioms, and comparative cultures.

Interested in joining or have other questions? Email


“The English classes are a wonderful place to meet international friends and learn English.” Jay, Taiwan

“Since I have been here in Fort Collins, I joined the English classes. It’s a good opportunity to practice English and make very kind friends. Also, the class is lots of fun and I have a good time.” Yorleny, Costa Rica

“Conversational English classes are not only for conversation, but also for communication with society.” Min, China

“I come to the English classes to improve my English, meet new people from around the world, and because the class is very good. I like it especially when we sing together.” Wirdah, Indonesia

“I like this English class because I can speak English with Americans and people from other countries, and learn well.” Yuka, Japan