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Enhancing International Understanding Cultural Exchange and Friendship

The Fort Collins International Center is a non-profit community organization for those eager to learn about and share the riches of our world’s cultures one person at a time.

Since 1967, volunteers have been providing the Fort Collins area with programs and activities designed to build friendships and develop understanding among people from around the world. Colorado State University’s Office of International Programs recognizes Fort Collins International Center as their official volunteer organization. Together they support international students, their families and the broader community with various programs.



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Eat, Drink and Share your World

Good morning,  We often come together when eating and drinking, which usually results in a sharing of worlds because breaking bread is one commonality around the world. Recently I enjoyed a post hike gathering with new friends to learn another language, translate for each other, and get to know each other a little more. We discussed the hike, each other’s interests and studies and may have solved a world problem or two in the process. Ok, maybe we did not solve world problems, but we were engaged in discussions that allowed each of us to share a little of our world with others at the table.  

As we all learned in kindergarten, sharing is good. Please take some time to eat and drink with friends (new and old) so you can share your worlds with each other so we may be able to solve some of the world problems. Nothing is insurmountable on a full stomach. 

The World Unity Fair is about 4-months away in March 2020. This means it will be time again for International Bazaar, FCIC’s primary fundraiser.

If you have any international treasures to donate, please contact Vesna Bashovska at vbashoska@gmail.com.



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