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The Fort Collins International Center is a non-profit community organization for those eager to learn about and share the riches of our world’s cultures one person at a time.

Since 1967, volunteers have been providing the Fort Collins area with programs and activities designed to build friendships and develop understanding among people from around the world. Colorado State University’s Office of International Programs recognizes Fort Collins International Center as their official volunteer organization. Together they support international students, their families and the broader community with various programs.



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Am I Proud to be an American?

In many cases around the world, borders were defined by colonizing powers not the indigenous people. Borders do not define the culture of the people within them or the values those same people hold. The people define their own culture, which is impacted by the local environment, e.g. a desert community culture will be different than a tropical culture or a nomadic society will be different than an urban one as each one will need to prioritize different needs. I went to Peace Corps hoping to represent my country in the best way possible and had successes and failures. From that experience, I now want to make the world better as a whole in the local community by my actions and the world through the relationships I develop meeting people from around the globe. My goal is to create more successes than failures through actions and relationships.

Please join me in learning about the other people/cultures and what we can do together to make a better world as a whole and not each individual nation. 



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