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Our Team

Mark Oberschmidt
  • President
  • International Night at the Library Chair
  • Outdoor Program Chair
Steven Fletcher
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Outdoor Program Chair
  • Friday Afternoon Club Chair
Lisa Bogdanski
  • Past President
Bronwen Watts
  • Membership Director
  • Campus Liaison
Nancy Sturtevant
  • Custodial Funds Manager
Marge Catt
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Sara Hunt

  • English Conversation Class Chair – Mondays
  • International Women’s Club Chair
Karen Smith
  • English Conversation Class Chair – Thursdays
Julie Carr
  • International Friends Co-Chair
Chris Shuey
  • International Friends Co-Chair

Jeff Coon

  • HomeStay Program Co-Chair
Vickie Traxler
  • HomeStay Program Co-Chair
Lou Grit
  • Program Committee Chair
Vaishnavi Sonarikar
  • Global Ambassador Student Program Chair

Michael Miller

  • Community Dinners Chair
  • ……..



Our Mission

The Fort Collins International Center believes in a global community and the benefits of embracing and celebrating this community. The mission of the Fort Collins International Center is to work in partnership with organizations and individuals to develop and support programs and initiatives that enhance international understanding, cultural exchange and friendship.

As members of a larger community, we seek to create a community that is a model for creating cultural understanding, inclusive of diversity and able to understand cultural differences, with an increased comprehension of international issues and the role Americans can play in shaping that world.


“The English classes are a wonderful place to meet international friends and learn English.” Jay, Taiwan

“Since I have been here in Fort Collins, I joined the English classes. It’s a good opportunity to practice English and make very kind friends. Also, the class is lots of fun and I have a good time.” Yorleny, Costa Rica

“Conversational English classes are not only for conversation, but also for communication with society.” Min, China

“I come to the English classes to improve my English, meet new people from around the world, and because the class is very good. I like it especially when we sing together.” Wirdah, Indonesia

“I like this English class because I can speak English with Americans and people from other countries, and learn well.” Yuka, Japan

“As a Global Ambassador I thought I was only sharing my daily life, but I ended up broadening not only my vision of other cultures but also teaching school kids how to cherish my traditions and profession as well.”

“Global Ambassador’s is all about understanding differences and treasuring cultures.”

“Global Ambassador’s are role models for kids contributing not only with career aspirations but also showing them the world diversity.”

“By sharing careers, work and traditions Global Ambassador’s serve as real role models for kids.”

“I’ll be more than satisfied if I get to stay in just one kid’s mind, after our Global Ambassador’s presentation.”

“The FAC is awesome. It’s a great experience to meet people from different nations and cultures. It is such an amazing thing to meet new people and broaden my knowledge about the world.” Inqman, Iraq

“It’s amazing to meet people from different parts of the earth and have conversations wit them at the FAC.” Bashar, Iraq

“The diversity of nationalities at the FAC’s is very good because you feel like all human beings are equal. I think meeting people from all over the world makes you feel the joy of life and understand life from different points of view.” Zana, Kurdistan

“The FAC’s are a great opportunity to get in touch with people from different cultures. Keep up the good work!” Maryan, Iraq

“Being around people from so many nationalities at the Summer Barbeque is fantastic. It was a great time.” I-Cheng, Taiwan


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Telephone Number: 970-491-7398

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