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Sign up to receive information on regional and CSU International Events through the Intlinfo Listserv.

Are you wondering where you can learn about more outdoor activities, the Friday Afternoon Club events, International Nights, and other events?

Intlinfo is a listserv (i.e., e-mail list) in which people can keep informed about internationally-related events via email. All students, staff, faculty, and community members are invited to join, it is a great way to stay informed of international events at CSU and Fort Collins. On average, you will receive 3-4 emails per week.

All events are open to spouses and families, unless otherwise noted. If an event takes place in Apartment Life-you do not have to be a resident to participate.

Join now to keep in touch!

To join intlinfo

  1. Click here!
  2. Fill in textboxes with the details as indicated.
  3. Click "Subscribe to List" button.