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By Chris Howe - from Fort Collins, Colorado

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“Chamonix is located in the south-eastern region of France, surrounded by the majestic French Alps. The mountain scenery is breathtaking, especially once you arrive at the peak of their most precious backdrop atop Mont-Blanc, which gazes over the Chamonix valley. I came to this place to meet a friend of mine, who happened to have an amazing cabin that sat right in the middle of the Chamonix valley. I flew into the Geneva international airport in Switzerland, where we spent our afternoon strolling through the streets and admiring the Cuckoo clocks. Finally, around 3 in the afternoon, we drove west towards his place, crossed the border and made way for the mountains. The trip took about 1.5 hours by car, so I imagine by bus it could take up to 3. The night that I arrived, February 13, 2004, the mountaintops were covered in snow and the town was hosting an international skiing competition. The following day, we enjoyed a long day of skiing and later, we walked through the streets exploring at the rustic mountain shops, restaurants and pubs. There are even a couple of clubs for the partier! Another excellent feature of this city is it’s location: right next to the Swiss and Italian borders. You can experience a completely different culture in less than an hour. Though I have never been to Chamonix during the summer, I hear that it is still regarded as a paradise for any traveler or adventurer. Essentially, Chamonix is the perfect destination for any outdoor enthusiast.”

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