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By Liubov, from Russia

New Zealand image

“This is my story about New Zealand, where January is in July and the students have long vacations when their colleagues in the North Hemisphere have the busiest time of the year. If you want to escape from Colorado winter or to ski in the summertime, go to this beautiful country. So we did.

For a few days my husband and I stayed with our Russian friends having lived in Auckland for four years. Of course, we invited them to visit us… And they said they would not expect to see anything new since New Zealand Islands have all the variety of landscapes we can imagine in the world.

Beautiful seashores; rainforests; deserts; sand dunes; mountains with extremely twisty roads; Norwegian fiords; fantastic caves; gorgeous waterfalls – whatever you name; and everything on two islands you can cross for a couple of weeks. Any turn brings new impressions and new surprises. It is like life itself – you never know what is hidden behind the next curve.

We went there in February when it was cool and rainy in Colorado. On the way to Auckland we change a plan in Nadi Airport on Fiji. And we were met with the first surprise. A national man quartet met the passengers by entrance to the airport and sang for us all the time while we were in transition. It must have been the folklore music but when our ears got used to the sounds it appeared “modified” songs from all around the world.

In New Zealand you can travel on your own or buy the tour wherever you want. Since we like to be independent, we rent a car and spent three weeks behind the wheel. We visited “90-mile” beach (which appeared 50-kilometes one in reality), ancient kauri forest. We listened to a wonderful symphonic orchestra under a magic sunset in the open field along with 200 thousand people and presented on the native culture performance in the folklore village, and Maori shared with us the special indigenous meal.

We tried to buy a very special ship yarn for New Zealand has had more sheep than people (40 thousand people and 44 thousand sheep) but were not lucky in this adventure. We could have seen the yarn from all around the world but from the native country. When finally we found something original (quite expensive, though), the saleswoman explained New Zealand does not have its own yarn production and sends wool to China or Australia to process…

Anyway, I miss this amazing country and dream to come back there some time. And maybe even to have some short-term work…”

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