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By Danny, from Germany

Nassfeld, Austria image

“The coolest place on earth is as near as possible to the clouds. That’s on the mountaintop, feeling the icy wind around your nose with fresh powder below and all the way down to the valley. You drop in and become faster and faster and faster. The wind gets louder every second as you gain more and more speed. You are doing big and long curves while watching the snow spreading away on both sides. It looks like a big long snake in the middle of the "white nothing" making its way down as fast as it can. And watch over it...?...yes, it is!...for real! It's a big kicker which will take you over the 10 meters big "black nothing" gap. 3 seconds of nothing but your time in the air and absolute silence feeling free like a bird. While you are landing your 360 indy nosebone listening to the last minute of the 170bpm drum n bass sound on your iPod and feeling like having had a personal meeting with god!”

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