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By Fernanda Dore, from BrazilBerlin, Germany image

“After the World War II left the city in shreds, a Wall that segregated its people created a gap between East and West. A lot has happened in Berlin. But despite of the disparities, this is one of the most cosmopolitan places in Europe. Ultra modern buildings like the Sony Center blend perfectly with centuries old churches like the Berliner Dom and sharp communist-era architecture.

Getting around is very easy due to the excellent transportation system. Buses, trains and the subway take you everywhere in a punctual schedule and some lines run even throughout the night. Weekend or weekly passes save you money and allow you to ride as many times as you want.

Concerts, plays, dance and cultural events happen on a daily basis. Museums like the contemporary Hamburger Bahnhof, in West Berlin, and the traditional Pergamon, in the Museum Island, cover centuries of Art History from around the world, while galleries in the Mitte display the work of emerging artists.

You can also choose to not spend a dime and enjoy one of the many parks, like the Tiergarten. In the summer, hundreds of locals sunbathe in the parks and swim in the lakes like the Krumme Lanke and Schlachtensee. Don’t forget to bring a snack, a book, your iPod and your hacky sack, for a very relaxing day in the sun.

Hop into bus 100, a yellow double decker that takes you to the major attractions. Once you pass the Brandenburg Gate, you will see the “Bundestag” (the German Parliament). Come early to avoid lines. Then hop back in until you see the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, a bombed church that stands right in the Ku’dam. This is the official shopping street in Berlin, home to major fashion brands and souvenir shops galore. Find a nice café to sit down for a latte and some people-watching.

People in Berlin are easy going, open minded and judgment-free. They walk fast, party hard and dislike dullness. When you are introduced to one, give them a strong handshake. The language is hard to learn, but Germans always appreciate your effort and encourage you. And even if you are not there to study, you’ll get by just fine: in Berlin, most of the younger generation speaks English. Germans are fascinating people, and Germany is certainly an incredible country to visit.”

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