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In September 1967, a center was opened at 633 West Lake. A group of interested faculty and townspeople embraced the idea and soon the place became a meeting point for activities involving the international community while also serving as residence for international students.

The International Center moved to the Palmer House in 1975, and to the Lory Apartments, in 1989. Finally, in 2001, the Office of International Programs invited the International Center to have its office space in Laurel Hall, where it is currently located.

International Friends and International Center

The International Friends, started in the 50’s pairing international students with community members, as a separate organization. Many of the same people were involved in both the International Friends and the International Center In the 80's, the two groups became one.

Some of the International Center’s early programs include the Conversational English (1968), Friday Afternoon Club (1972), International Women’s Club (1975) and International Night at the Library (1977).

In 2003, the center received a new name: the Fort Collins International Center (FCIC). After 30 years, the multinational atmosphere still provides intercultural experience and the opportunity to develop friendships with people from all over the world.

There are many possibilities to get engaged with the Fort Collins International Center. Some of our programs include Outdoors Activities, such as hiking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter, a fall bazaar at Colorado State University’s World Unity Fair, and the Taste of The World, in the spring. Check our Recent News and calendar to find out what’s going on.

Fort Collins International Center is a nonprofit organization supported by volunteers, members, donations and fundraising events.

1950’s – International Friends pairs international students and community members
1967 – International Center opens at 633 Lake Street
1968 – International Center starts Conversational English Classes
1972 – Friday Afternoon Club starts
1975 – International Center moves to Palmer Hall
1977 – International Night at the Library begins
1980’s – International Center and International Friends become one organization
1989 – International Center is relocated to Lory Apartments Building
1996 – International House hosts the Friday Afternoon Club (FAC)
2001 – Office of International Programs offers office space to the International Center at the Laurel Hall
2003 – The International Center changes its name to Fort Collins International Center (FCIC)

Mission and Vision

The Fort Collins International Center believes in a global community and the benefits of embracing and celebrating this community. The mission of the Fort Collins International Center is to work in partnership with organizations and individuals to develop and support programs and initiatives that enhance international understanding, cultural exchange and friendship.

As members of a larger community, we seek to create a community that is a model for creating cultural understanding, inclusive of diversity and able to understand cultural differences, with an increased comprehension of international issues and the role Americans can play in shaping that world.

2013  2014 Board Members & Program Leads

Board of Directors

  • President - Mark Oberschmidt
  • Vice President - Steven Fletcher
  • Past President - Lisa Bogdanski
  • Secretary - Kristy Clark
  • Treasurer - Steven Fletcher
  • Campus Liaison - Aimee Nord
  • Membership - Nancy Sturtevant
  • Business Membership - Vacant
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Nancy Sturtevant
  • Social Media Coordinator - Vacant
  • Bulletin - Lisa Bogdanski
  • Webmaster - Paul Ackerman

    Program Chairs

    • English Conversation Classes - Karen Smith & Barbara Stallings
    • International Friends - Vesna Bashovska
    • Friday Afternoon Club - Steven Fletcher
    • Outdoor Program - Mark Oberschmidt & Steven Fletcher
    • International Night at the Library - Mark Oberschmidt
    • Global Ambassadors - Kate Wormus, Nicole Johnson, & Jasir Mayat
    • Bazaar Chair - Nancy Murray

      FCIC Advisors

      • Office of International Programs Advisor - Mark Hallett
      • Custodial Funds Manager - Bev Webber
      • Communication Advisor - Jane Babcock

      We are currently seeking to fill the vacant positions above. If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact the Fort Collins International Center at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 970-491-7398.


      • “The English classes are a wonderful place to meet international friends and learn English.” Jay, Taiwan
      • “Since I have been here in Fort Collins, I joined the English classes. It’s a good opportunity to practice English and make very kind friends. Also, the class is lots of fun and I have a good time.” Yorleny, Costa Rica
      • “Conversational English classes are not only for conversation, but also for communication with society.” Min, China
      • “I come to the English classes to improve my English, meet new people from around the world, and because the class is very good. I like it especially when we sing together.” Wirdah, Indonesia
      • “I like this English class because I can speak English with Americans and people from other countries, and learn well.” Yuka, Japan
      • “As a Global Ambassador I thought I was only sharing my daily life, but I ended up broadening not only my vision of other cultures but also teaching school kids how to cherish my traditions and profession as well.”
      • “Global Ambassador’s is all about understanding differences and treasuring cultures.”
      • “Global Ambassador’s are role models for kids contributing not only with career aspirations but also showing them the world diversity.”
      • “By sharing careers, work and traditions Global Ambassador’s serve as real role models for kids.”
      • “I’ll be more than satisfied if I got to stay in just one kid’s mind, after our Global Ambassador’s presentation.”
      • “The FAC is awesome. It’s a great experience to meet people from different nations, and cultures. It is such an amazing thing to meet new people and broaden my knowledge about the world.” Inqman, Iraq
      • “It’s amazing to meet people from different parts of the earth and have conversations wit them at the FAC.” Bashar, Iraq
      • "The diversity of nationalities at the FAC’s is very good because you feel like all human beings are equal. I think meeting people from all over the world makes you feel the joy of life and understand life from different points of view.” Zana, Kurdistan
      • “The FAC’s are a great opportunity to get in touch with people from different cultures. Keep up the good work!” Maryan, Iraq
      • “Being around people from so many nationalities at the Summer Barbeque is fantastic. It was a great time.” I-Cheng, Taiwan
      Leslie Mussetter